Software patents are stupid!!!

Software company FireStar has filed suit against RedHat for violating their patent with Hibernate.

That’s ridiculous! FireStar got the patent 2000. TopLink was already available and other frameworks (e.g. one form Borland) were there since 1994. So, why does the patent office not check if something is already used in a lot of products? I cannot patent the “car” now, can I?

Patents should be there to protect innovative people from big companies – in the software business this seems not necessary anymore: nearly all innovative people open source theirs ideas. They are all intelligent enough, that you can’t make money with products – consulting is the cash cow!

So, let’s just drop the idea of software patents – they are just useless!



Hibernate annotations

I’m just preparing a workshop at out company about Spring, Hibernate and Tapestry. Actually it’s just a follow up workshop – Kris already prepared some parts. But a lot changed since in the last year.

So I thought I’m gonna use Hibernate Annotations but slowly the bugs are bugging me and I think about moving back to the XML mapping-file approach.
I posted a bug report about mapping of many-to-many relations with attributes on the relation entitiy: ANN-573
I tried to fix it but hell this Hibernate code is complicated, ended up somewhere in AnnotationBinder#bindId. Hopefully someone in the Hibernate team can help me ….