Nur keine Angst

Most of the people are terrorized on flights. I’m not, especially after reading this article (at least I try not to ;)).


Back from the holiday season

After three holidays I’m finally back in Salzburg and staying a while.

The first trip was to Italy over the weekend: the definitely worst drinking experience ever. I just have to say “Tutto gas” – see the tutto gas homepage for pictures.

The next thing was Rock im Park in Nürnberg, Germany – a big rock festival. The whole festival was pretty cool – we had our nice camping site right next to our car (just some meters, not like Novarock ’06 kilometers). The bands were just great (especially Die Ärzte, Beatsteaks, Muse and Evanescence). And the camping group was really nice – we had a lot of fun (although some bastards stole us 24 cans of beer).

On Saturday I came back from Rhodes – we were in Faliraki and it was amazing. Rhodes is the cleanest of all Greek islands I’ve been so far. The sea is clear as drinking water – azure and refreshing. We were there before the really busy season started – so it was quiet. In the last days the party started there – mostly totally hammered Englishmen (and woman).