Tapestry 5.1 in the Cloud

Finally, I’ve got Tapestry 5.1 working in Google App Engine (GAE): http://tapestry-test.appspot.com/ (this is the Tapestry 5.1 integration test application)

It was some kind of a way…

The main problem was the Stax parser and the dependency to the Woodstox lib (see Tapestry in the Cloud and Tapestry 5.1 Woodstox).

First, I tried to use a standard Stax parser instead of Woodstox2. I tried this because we had some issues with running Tapestry in Appservers and having to add -Djavax.xml.stream.XMLInputFactory=com.ctc.wstx.stax.WstxInputFactory. This didn’t seem to work because Stax is kind of a mess and no implementation can hande DTDs.

The solution was to replace the Stax with a Sax parser. This was some work, but the parser works in is now in test at our company.

Then I decided to try to check GAE again and voila – it works. I’m happy.


7 thoughts on “Tapestry 5.1 in the Cloud

  1. Hey Derkoe,

    That is really exciting.
    How did you actually do the replacing of the Stax with a Sax parser? Did you have to actually modify Tapestry, or could this be done in your app somehow through the IOC?

    – Mike

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