View of Salzburg from Roßfeld

View of Salzburg from Roßfeld

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Yesterday, I went on the first ski tour this season. That’s definitely too late to start. But this time I have a big excuse: there’s nearly no snow in Salzburg (and in whole Europe).
The little snow on the Roßfeld is just enough to ski halfway down again (don’t use your fancy new ones).

At least I did something and it was a wonderful day! Just say: sitting in the sun for 20 minutes and I don’t care whether there’s snow or not 🙂



The rise

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Finally, we did it. And: we had a very nice day!!

After some run-down-the-hill action with the smaller paraglider we got the real ones. We were just “allowed” to fly halfway down the hill but that couldn’t stop me! Landing near the street I found myself smiling after my first real flight 🙂
Walter and Florian were with me – we all really enjoyed the whole thing (even carrying the 12kg paraglider up the hill).