Personal data

  • Name: Christian Köberl
  • Degree: Dipl.-Ing. (see Education in Austria)
  • Date/place of birth: November 1978 / Salzburg
  • Nationality: Austria
  • Marital status:unmarried, no children


  • 1999 – 2004
  • 1993/94 – 1997/98
    • HTBLA Salzburg (technical secondary school with final exam, like GCE A-levels )
      Department for electronics and computer science

Working experience

  • 08/1998 – 11/1998
    • Sony DADC Salzburg
      Traineeship as Oracle database and Forms/PL*SQL application developer
  • 12/1998 – 08/1999
    • Compulsory military service
      After basic training development of MS Access/VisualBasic applications
  • 10/1999 – now
    • Porsche Informatik
      Java Software Engineer
    • since 10/2004
      Team leader: Internet applications (team of 8 people)
    • since 11/2005
      Team leader: Web technologies (team of 3 people)


  • Project lead and lead developer for VW-TurnTable
    a fleet buyback management and B2B platform for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
  • Project lead for new vehicle Internet tools (CarConfigurator, stock search, test drive, etc.) in Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia
    (see,,, …)
  • Project lead Weltauto Austria
    a B2C online market for used cars


(expert-level for bold items)

  • Programming languages
    Java, Python, Ruby, Shell-Scripts, C, C++, C#, VisualBasic, .NET, PL/SQL, Perl
  • Web
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebServices (Glue, Axis, XFire, CXF), AJAX
  • Databases
    SQL, Oracle, Informix, MySQL
  • Technologies
    Servlets, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Tapestry, Zope, Ruby on Rails
  • Operating systems
    AIX, Windows, Linux
  • Other
    Tomcat, Apache, CVS, Subversion