Dealing with multiple submits

If you want to have two or more submits on a form with different actions (e.g. different pages to invoke) you can do the following:

  1. add the two submit buttons to the form
    private Submit submit1;
    private Submit submit2;
  2. add event listeners for “select” event on both buttons and save the return value the form action should return on success:
    private Object formEventReturn;
    void onSelectFromSubmit1() {
      // do whatever;
      formEventReturn = AnotherPage.class; // go to AnotherPage
    void onSelectFromSubmit2() {
      // do whatever
      formEventReturn = null; // stay on this page
  3. in the event from the form return the formEventReturn
    Object onSuccessFromFoo() {
      // do things specific to form Foo
      return formEventReturn;

All this has to be done because the Submit cannot add a context to the form and the “select” events must not return any objects (just void). The idea for this solution is from HLS (see HLS on mailing-list about multiple submits)


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